mailsend -v -sub Hallo -from -to -smtp -port 25 -pass v2Un -user
Connecting to
Will detect IPv4 or IPv6 automatically
> libmsock: using getaddrinfo
IP address:
> connect(): socket=496,rc=-1, errno=10035
> Try socket 496
Error: Connection to timed out after 5 seconds
Error: Could not connect to SMTP server „“ at port 25
Could not send mail

mailsend /help

Version: @(#) mailsend v1.20b

Copyright: BSD. It is illegal to use this software for Spamming

(Compiled with OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2h 3 May 2016)
usage: mailsend [options]
Where the options are:
-copyright – show copyright information
-4 – Force to use IPv4 address of SMTP server
-6 – Force to use IPv6 address of SMTP server
-smtp hostname/IP* – Hostname/IP address of the SMTP server
-port SMTP port – SMTP port
-domain domain – domain name for SMTP HELO/EHLO
-t to,to..* – email address/es of the recipient/s
-cc cc,cc.. – carbon copy address/es
+cc – do not ask for Carbon Copy
-ct seconds – Connect timeout. Default is 5 seconds
-read-timeout seconds – Read timeout. Default is 5 seconds
-bc bcc,bcc.. – blind carbon copy address/es
+bc – do not ask for Blind carbon copy
+D – do not add Date header
-f address* – email address of the sender
-sub subject – subject
-list_address file – a file containing a list of email addresses
-log file – write log messages to this file
-cs character set – for text/plain attachments (default is us-ascii)
-separator character – separator used with -attach. Default is comma (,)
If used must be specified before -attach
-enc-type type – encoding type. base64, 8bit, 7bit etc.
Default is base64. Special type is „none“
-aname name – name of the attachment. Default is filename
-content-id id – content-id in the attachment
-mime-type type – MIME type
-dispostion val – „attachment“ or „inline“. Default is „attachment“
-attach file,mime_type,[i/a] (i=inline,a=attachment)
– attach this file as attachment or inline
-show-attach – show attachment in verbose mode, default is no
-show-mime-types – show the compiled in MIME types
-M „one line msg“ – attach this one line text message
-content-type type – Content type. Default: multipart/mixed
-msg-body path – Path of the file to include as body of mail
-embed-image image – Path of image to embed in HTML
-H „header“ – Add custom Header
-name „Full Name“ – add name in the From header
-v – verbose mode
-V – show version info
-w – wait for a CR after sending the mail
-rt email_address – add Reply-To header
-rrr email_address – request read receipts to this address
-rp – return-path address
-ssl – SMTP over SSL
-starttls – use STARTTLS if the server supports it
-auth – try CRAM-MD5,LOGIN,PLAIN in that order
-auth-cram-md5 – use AUTH CRAM-MD5 authentication
-auth-plain – use AUTH PLAIN authentication
-auth-login – use AUTH LOGIN authentication
-user username – username for ESMTP authentication
-pass password – password for ESMTP authentication
-example – show examples
-ehlo – force EHLO
-info – show SMTP server information
-help – shows this help
-q – quiet

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